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IAD Internship Program


Former Cornell President David Skorton's Presidential White Paper (March 2, 2012) represents a personal view of Cornell’s past, present and potential future role in international studies and engagement. The paper focuses on Bringing Cornell to the World and the World to Cornell.

“There is growing recognition on university campuses across the world that internationalization is important in every aspect of higher education. If we are to educate students for global citizenship, we must offer them language study, an understanding of history and of cultures beyond their own, and meaningful international experiences. We must equip them to live and work in a world whose chief problems transcend national boundaries.”

IAD Internship Program supports Cornell’s mission “to promote a culture of broad inquiry throughout and beyond the Cornell community." In the context of this mission, the internship program is an integral part of a student’s education, building awareness of the challenges of development and the needs of the communities where they are placed.  

Applicants must have the willingness to go outside their comfort zone; ability to work independently or part of a group; have some knowledge of international development; and, must have attended at least two IAD seminars. Once selected, they must attend an hour of pre-departure discussion.

Applications will be reviewed by selected IAD Faculty Associates and successful candidates will be interviewed by IAD staff.

The internship is open to sophmore, junior, and upcoming senior students. Placements are with collaborative partners in Zambia, Ghana, Namibia and Tanzania.  

IAD Internship Application

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