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IAD Graduate Fellows Profile

IAD Graduate Fellows


IAD Graduate Fellows (From the left to the right):

Carol Njiru (Kenya)

Carol Njiru holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Bristol in England. She has also completed the Advocates Training Program (a year-long post graduate bar course) at the Kenya School of Law, and is currently awaiting admission to the Kenyan Bar.She has had close to two years of work experience as a trainee Advocate at Nairobi-based law firm Oraro & Company Advocates, one of Kenya’s top dispute resolution firms. The lawyers there have been involved in the country’s most historic cases, including the first election petition under Kenya’s ‘new’ Constitution. During her time at the firm, Carol worked in a variety of practice areas, from corporate & commercial, to banking and finance, employment and intellectual property.

Carol first chose to study law because she was intrigued by the interplay between law, politics, economics and society. As someone who comes from a developing country, she was curious to discover the role which law could play in aiding development, both at a national and international level.Once she decided to pursue a Masters in the U.S., Cornell was a clear choice for its high ranking and specialism in International Law. In choosing Cornell, she hopes to gain the opportunity to learn from the world’s leading scholars in the fields of international trade law, international development and foreign direct investment.


Nomfundo Makhubo (South Africa)

Nomfundo Makhubo was born in Standerton, a town in Mpumalanga, South Africa. She holds a B.A degree in Corporate Communications as well as a BA Honors Degree in Communication Studies from the University of Johannesburg. Nomfundo is currently an IAD Fellow and is pursuing an M.P.S in International Development.

Nomfundo has worked with the Sibusiso Leope Education Foundation, South African non-profit organization that focuses on high school learners in the Gauteng province. She is also a One Young World Ambassador, winning its Social Venture Challenge and Resolution Project Fellowship for a community based project focused on youth development in her local community. She is also an African Youth Volunteer, which focuses on developing young people from all over the African content and integrating them into developmental programs within the African Union and its partners.

Upon completing her program, she intends to carry on with my Graduate Studies in the field of development with a focus on African development. Being an IAD fellow has allowed her to pursue her studies in a field that interests her and that can make meaningful contribution to the world.


Edgar Akuffo-Addo (Ghana)

Mr. Akuffo-Addo received his Bachelor of Science in Human Biology Health and Society from Cornell University. He is currently a second year graduate student pursuing his Masters in Health Administration at the Sloan Program in Health Administration at Cornell University. Growing up in Ghana, Edgar personally experienced the dire effects of an ineffective healthcare system. This is what motivates him to learn about the managerial concepts and policies that high income countries with good healthcare systems have adopted. He plans to go back to Ghana in the near future and help the government transform the healthcare system into one that is efficient and primarily based on preventative medicine.

Edgar is an entrepreneur at heart; he recently co-founded FK Investment Group. The Group seeks to address the market imperfections in emerging markets that cause social problems and present business opportunities. He is interested in the economic development of Africa and the political intricacies in the region. He is also the founder and current president of Global Success Fellowship, a non-profit that seeks to alleviate the effects of poverty on rural settlers and underserved communities. His non-profit has engaged in projects ranging from improving the education system in rural communities to nutrition programs for women and children.

Edgar is an avid soccer fan. He plays soccer at the intramural level and also has an interest in coaching a U-13 soccer team. Edgar plans to attend medical school after his graduate program. He wants to learn and understand the healthcare system from the lens of a clinician. He believes this will better prepare him for to execute the healthcare transformation he has planned for his homeland, Ghana.  


Winnie Awino (Uganda)

Ms. Awino is a native African from Uganda currently pursuing my Masters of Law at Cornell University. Ms Awino received my Bachelor of Law degree with Honors from Makerere University in 2011 and later the Postgraduate Diploma in Law from the Law Development Centre, Uganda in 2012. Prior to her enrolment at Cornell Law, she was a Senior Associate at Sebalu & Lule Advocates, Kampala where she has served since 2011 when she first joined as a junior associate. Ms Awino’s practice at the firm covers corporate and commercial advisory and banking and finance law. She is also enrolled as an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda and a member of the East African Law Society and Uganda Law Society.

In her home country, Uganda, there has been great political and social change in and an even greater demand for regulatory monitoring. Ms Awino desired to contribute to the legal development of her country, and to pursue her further studies (such as the Masters of Law) only after gaining some working experience and being able to ascertain how best to make this contribution. Ms Awino is certain that her experience at the Cornell Law School LLM Program will not only enhance her beliefs in the value of hard work and excellence but will also open her networks for continued career growth and development.


Carol Njiru
Nomfundo Makhubo
Winnie Awino