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IAD Summer Internship Program 2018



The Institute for African Development (IAD) Summer Africa Internship program provides students with academically related and practical fieldwork experience.  Students with an interest in African development who would like to engage in personalized learning not available in the traditional classroom setting are welcome to apply.  IAD views the 8-week internship program as an integral part of a student’s education, offering experiential learning that provide students with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in a real world context.  A small portion of the internship is required service learning where students volunteer in the community in needed areas. It is integral to the student’s education and growth as a global citizen and helps to build awareness of development challenges and community needs where the students are placed.

The program offers summer internships focusing on multidisciplinary approaches to development on the African continent. IAD collaborates with numerous institutions in Africa to provide an effective and solid learning experience for the students. Overall, the Institute has extended its partnerships with leading institutions in Africa as well as drawing on the rich resources of alumni on the continent to forge rewarding collaboration across disciplines.




v  Internships are open to juniors and incoming seniors only;

v  Applicants must have completed at least two years of college coursework with a 3.0 GPA or higher and be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at Cornell;

v  Applicants are required to attend at least three IAD Seminars offered within the CRP 4700 Issues in African Development;

v  Accepted interns must commit to the full 8-weeks unless there is an emergency. If the internship is cut short for any other reason, the rest of the funds would have to be refunded; and,

v  A letter from the applicant’s academic advisor and the applicant’s cv must be received before the application can be reviewed.


Deadline for summer 2019 application is March 1st.