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Africa's Finances: The Contribution of Remittances

Edited by Raj Bardouille, Muna Ndulo, and Margaret Grieco

Globally, the volume of remittances to developing countries exceeds the development aid budgets. This volume explores the contribution of remittances to Africa's finances and provides concrete guidelines as to how these may be expanded. It contains essays by the field leaders in this area which record, review and revise our knowledge base on Africa's remittance patterns. The advent of new information communication technologies can contribute to an expanded capture of remittances from the African diaspora, and in Africa new forms of money transfer which reflect this affordance are already take shape. The volume also examines other resources, such as skills, that the African diaspora remits in its patterns of contact with Africa. The volume, shaped out of a conference on remittances and the African diaspora held at the Institute for African Development at Cornell University, is a timely reminder of the substantial role to be played in Africa's development by Africans themselves. 

Raj Bardouille holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Bradford University, UK. She has over 31 years of work experience as professor/senior research in universities in the Caribbean and Africa and as a senior economist in UN organizations including UNDP and UNECA. 

Muna Ndulo is Professor of Law and Director of the Institute for African Development at Cornell University. 

Margaret Grieco holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford. She is the first Full Professor of Transport and Society at Napier University, Scotland. 


Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008, 348 pages, ISBN (10) 1-847148-649-1; ISBN (13) 978-1-84718-649-2 

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