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IAD Graduate Summer Project in Africa Grant

Working at Zambia School

The IAD Graduate Student Summer Project Grant provides applicants with small grants ($10,000 maximum) to fund innovative needs-driven projects in rural communities in Africa.   The objective is to foster hands-on experience for Cornell Students participation in projects that will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of the host community.The grant will not fund start-up projects.

The project must be:

Grassroots initiated and Community-driven: Community participation in the planning, implementation and support of the project is essential.   The community must demonstrate their commitment to the project and their ability to manage it successfully, openly and honestly.  

Sustainabile:  The project must be achievable within a reasonable time frame and the community must have a sustainable plan in place. To this end, the Cornell student partner organization must assist in knowledge transfer to aid in sustainability. 

  There are five sections to the application: 

                1.            Applicant and Resume of all participants;

                2.            Narrative and Objective of the Project;

                3.            Letter of recommendation from a faculty member who has knowledge of the project and can speak to the feasibility of the project; Letter of recommendation should be sent to

                4.            Proposed Budget; and, 

                5.            Name and contact details of partner(s) in the host community.


Projects will be evaluated based on the merit of project, the substantive contribution to the community where the project will be placed, the involvement of Cornell undergraduates, and the potential for development and enrichment of the community.

 Submissions (in pdf format) must be received by March 20th, 2017 and should not exceed 8 pages. For more information, please contact Jackie Sayegh at

Summer 2016  projects:

Graduate Project #1: One Summer One Well

Graduate Project #2: Peace by Pieces

Graduate Project #3: Zambia Community Education Initiative