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Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Naalamle Amissah

"A key role of the Institute is that it enables Cornell engage past, current, and future leaders of Africa on major issues affecting the continent and the world at large. IAD’s programming offers the university’s community the opportunity to dialogue and collaborate with other institutes on development research in Africa." -Naalamle Amissah (PhD, Horticulture, and IAD Graduate Fellow - 2009)

NEW IAD Publication: Growing Democracy in Africa: Elections, Accountable Governance, and Political Economy

Edited by Muna Ndulo and Mamoudou Gazibo
The Institute for African Development is pleased to announce the release of a new book in the IAD/Cambridge Scholars Publishing Book Series, Growing Democracy in Africa. The book deals with important questions about the state of governance in sub-Saharan Africa. For example, is it possible to identify best practices and approaches to establishing political systems that promote accountability, transparency, peace, and civic space to all? These are questions addressed in this book.

Fall 2016 Seminar - Sustainable Development Goals: A Path to Inclusive, Sustainable, and Resilient Development

The Spring 2016 Issues in African Development seminar series will look at issues surrounding land (use and access), climate change, agriculture, and food security. Although some 60 percent of Africa’s labor force is currently employed in the agricultural sector, many African farmers are trapped in subsistence systems and face malnutrition, food insecurity, and soil degradation. Addressing these issues and achieving food security is foremost among the recently adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals. The seminar series will examine many of these issues.

Megan Shore Analyzes the Role of Religion in the Quest for Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa

Megan Shore, Associate Professor of Social Justice and Peace Studies at King's University College, Western University, Ontario, spoke about the role of Christianity in South Africa's TRC at the Issues in African Development seminar on October 29.

Politics and History in Southern Africa

The course is designed to give students an opportunity to learn about the history and politics of southern Africa and at the same time get immersed in community engagement, projects, and culture in the host country. The main objective of this program is to enhance and reinforce academic learning by providing students the opportunity to actively engage with institutions related to the politics, history, and social activities of southern Africa.