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IAD Summer Internship Program

The IAD Internship Program provides students with academically related, practical, and personalized fieldwork experience linked to their college major. A small portion of the internship is required service learning where students volunteer in the community in needed areas. It is integral to the student’s education and growth as a global citizen and helps to build awareness of development challenges and community needs where the students are placed.
Overall, the Institute has extended its partnerships with leading institutions in Africa as well as drawing on the rich resources of alumni on the continent to forge rewarding collaboration across disciplines.

IAD Growth Initiative

The IAD Growth Initiative supports research and development work that effectively bridge both theory and practice. Applicants are encouraged to submit research proposals that cover diverse and interdisciplinary topics, which lend themselves to practical impact, policy engagement and relevant learning forums both in the field and within academic arenas. Thus, the purpose of IAD support is to primarily tap into and direct funding to research projects that

· Advance the understanding and design of reliable and adaptable methodological approaches to tackling development issues;
· Produce new knowledge in various field(s) of study;
· Integrate and build capacity in the research process;
· Link theory, practice and policy; and
· Create or foster emerging innovations within Africa.

Mobile Money, Financial Inclusion and Development in Africa

April 21-22, 2017

The Cornell Institute for African Development (IAD) in collaboration with the Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development (CIIFAD) recently hosted a symposium on ‘Mobile Money, Development and Financial Inclusion in Africa’ April 19-22, 2017. Financial inclusion, the development of novel methods to enable the poor to access financial services, is considered a pre-requisite for driving those populations out of poverty and driving economic growth. The multidimensional relationship between mobile money, financial inclusion and development requires interdisciplinary interrogation that examines a whole range of issues at national, regional and international levels.

Program schedule and poster can be found at

(Photo Courtesy of IMTFI)

Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Naalamle Amissah

"A key role of the Institute is that it enables Cornell engage past, current, and future leaders of Africa on major issues affecting the continent and the world at large. IAD’s programming offers the university’s community the opportunity to dialogue and collaborate with other institutes on development research in Africa." -Naalamle Amissah (PhD, Horticulture, and IAD Graduate Fellow - 2009)

NEW IAD Publication: Growing Democracy in Africa: Elections, Accountable Governance, and Political Economy

Edited by Muna Ndulo and Mamoudou Gazibo
The Institute for African Development is pleased to announce the release of a new book in the IAD/Cambridge Scholars Publishing Book Series, Growing Democracy in Africa. The book deals with important questions about the state of governance in sub-Saharan Africa. For example, is it possible to identify best practices and approaches to establishing political systems that promote accountability, transparency, peace, and civic space to all? These are questions addressed in this book.