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History, Politics, and Social Engagement in Southern Africa

Zambia Course

Course Description CRP3850


History, Politics, and Social Engagement in Southern Africa is a three-week course to be held in Lusaka, Zambia. The course is designed to give students an opportunity to learn about the history and politics of southern Africa and at the same time get immersed in community engagement, projects, and culture in the host country. The course will also feature trips to Zambian historical and cultural attractions to enable students to experience African society and cultural life. It will in addition feature a trip to a game park to expose students to challenges of wild life conservation and learning at a service site. The main objective of this program is to enhance and reinforce academic learning by providing students the opportunity to actively engage with institutions/organizations related to the politics, history, and social activities of Zambia.

Cost of the program is US$2,300 which includes:
1) Airport Transfers;
2) Accommodation;
3) Orientation;
4) Excursion transfers;
5) Excursion Accommodation;
6) All museum admission fees;
7) Two meals a day; and
8) One weekend excursion.

December 27th to January 17th