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The Food and Financial Crises in Sub-Saharan Africa: Origins, Outcomes and Policy Implications

Edited by David R. Lee and Muna Ndulo

Dramatic increases in food prices, as witnessed on a global scale in recent years, threaten the food security of hundreds of millions of the rural poor in Sub-Saharan Africa alone. This book, the result of a symposium hosted by IAD in 2009, focuses on recent food and financial crises as they have affected Africa, illustrating the problems using country case studies that cover their origins, effects on agriculture and rural poverty, and underlying factors. The volume also makes recommendations as to how such crises could best be addressed in the future.

This book addresses the recent food and financial crises in Africa, including the origins of the crises and their effects on agriculture, food systems and rural poverty. Selected country case studies also illustrate the impacts of these events. By making recommendations as to how such crises can best be addressed in the future, this book provides a useful tool for policy makers tackling the issue of food security, while also being informative reading for students and researchers in food security, agricultural economics and international development.

CABI 2011, 301 pages, 978-1-84593-828-4


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