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Initiatives and Resources

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The Institute seeks to expand the depth and quality of teaching on Africa within the University community and to build a faculty and student constituency that is knowledgeable about issues of African development. It does this through opportunities for both students and faculty to engage with research, internships, instruction, and outreach in Africa and about Africa. 

Development-Related Courses and programs with travel to Africa

Cornell ipartners with African universities and institutions to provide engagement opportunities for Cornell students. IAD recognizes Cornell University's initiative to advance a reciprocal relationship with African constituencies in the application of knowledge about Africa through a variety of engagement opportunities, research partnerships, service placements, and internships in Africa.  

IAD Internship Program

IAD Internship Program supports Cornell’s mission “to promote a culture of broad inquiry throughout and beyond the Cornell community." In the context of this mission, the internship program is an integral part of a student’s education, building awareness of the challenges of development and the needs of the communities where they are placed.  

Distinguished Africanist Scholars

Each year the Institute for African Development, in collaboration with an academic department, sponsors a Distinguished Africanist Scholar visit to Cornell University. The invited Scholar—in support of IAD’s mission to expand the depth and quality of teaching on Africa within the University community—is expected to bring to Cornell an unusual depth of knowledge and experience in an academic field specifically related to development in Africa. Successful candidates for the DAS should have distinguished achievements in a development-related discipline, with international experience to support IAD’s mission of creating an enabling environment for the University to play a key role in the creation of policies that influence African development. The Scholar makes a public presentation, participates in classes as appropriate, and interacts with students and faculty on a formal and informal basis.

Guest Lecturer Series

The Institute for African Development occasionally hosts guest lecturers from a range of backgrounds from politics to law to gender NGO’s. During their visit to Cornell, they give public lectures that are free and open to the public, meet with faculty and students, and share their perspectives and experiences with the Cornell and Ithaca communities.

IAD-Funded Projects

 IAD invites submission of research proposals that innovatively addresses development challenges in Africa. Non tenured track faculty will require a written endorsement from the departmental chair(s). For each research grant, there is a $75,000 ceiling for a 2-year project and $50,000 for a one year project. Applicants are encouraged to submit research proposals that cover diverse and interdisciplinary topics, which lend themselves to practical impact, policy engagement and relevant learning forums both in the field and within academic arenas.