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Guinea 1

IAD Graduate Student Project - Strengthening Women’s Entrepreneurship in Non- Timber Forest Products: Néré Processing in Madina Oula, Guinea

The IAD Graduate Student Project Grant supports innovative community-initiated projects in rural communities in Africa. The grant seeks to foster hands-on experience for Cornell students’ in projects...

The computers being delivered

A New Life for Old Machines

"As a Cornell technology specialist, Alan Heiman saw dozens of computers — whole labs full — discarded all at once, and with frightening regularity, because they had outlived their warranties. He...

Rhoda Offei, Mapange Nsapato and Amarachi Emeziem (from left to right)

IAD Graduate Fellows 2016-2017

The Institute, in cooperation with other programs and organizations, awards several fellowships each year to African students admitted to graduate study at Cornell University.


IAD Summer Internship Program

The IAD Internship Program provides students with academically related, practical, and personalized fieldwork experience linked to their college major. A small portion of the internship is required...


IAD Growth Initiative

The IAD Growth Initiative supports research and development work that effectively bridge both theory and practice. Applicants are encouraged to submit research proposals that cover diverse and...